Amritvani by guruji on Atma Smiksha


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p. p. gurudev  short video  

1. 0:01:25 : Gurudev ki Amritvani on Atma Smiksha No body thinks about his own mistakes. Some steps of Chintan : First is Aatma Samiksha. Do Aatma Samiksha for some time about your mistakes what you did in the past. Second is Aatma Parishkar or Atma Nirikshan means correct your mistakes. 2. 0:06:46 : News: (i)Yagya,Blood donation camp, (ii)Eye treatment,Adhisthapan Samaroh in Rurkee,Health issues and etc..... 3. 0:13:02 : Message of Ad. Dr. Sahab on awakening yuva chetna and Art of living in Rajesthan Shivir 4. 0:16:37 : Surabhit smritiya form people related to guru ji 5. 0:22:00 : Discussion with Ad.Suraj Shukla ji on Dharma. 6. 0:42:10 : Independence day celebration,Shantikunj 7. 01:01:40 : Message of Dr. Sahab on Independence day

Release date : 12-04-2005

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