News-yagya Maharastra,Nea Zealand,youth camp in Gujrat,Maharastra,Chattisgarh,Orissa,etc


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2:27-Amritvani of Guruji and Mataji -goal,brhaman,saint,our work,changing time,etc. 10:38-News-yagya Maharastra,New Zealand, youth camp in Gujrat,Maharastra,Chattisgarh,Orissa,etc. 26:18-Sharing Memories-relief from severe disease,save life, etc. 42:06-Discussion-youth and Indian culture,cow's product and entrepreneurship,global warning, gayatri mantra,etc 47:34-Sanskar -short description of its types . 57:38-importance of vat vriksha.

Release date : 12-06-2005

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