Yuvao Ka Vyaktitva Vikash - Yuva Koun hai ? Resp. Dr. Pranav Pandya ji During yuva jagrati Camp


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h. h. dr. pranav pandya  

1. 0:02:08 : Message of Resp. Dr. Pranav Pandya ji , He talks about personality development of youth and about right implementation of youth,s feelings in right direction and right goal.Also explain several methods for stress releasing and stress management like daily chanting of gayatri mantra and daily memorizing good thought etc. 2. 0:33:23 : Message of Dr. Amal Kumar Dutta ji , He talks about immense power and strength of youth. He also explain some pros and cons of youngsters.At last he describe some methods of being a good person and also describe tips for getting goal of life. 3.0:50:12 : Message of Resp. Kali Charan Babu ji,He talks about process of setting goal of life and also describe some tips for it.Also describe the method of self enlightenment.

Release date : 12-03-2005

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