Deep Yagya in English and Garba Dance


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1. 0:0:17 : Interactive session on leadership,Participant describe leadership in different manner and Dr. Pranav Pandya also describe Leadership and also give answers to the question of participant. 2. 0:17:00 :Interactive Seminar on Yoga,Participant describe as managerial skill to manage our life in right direction and some of them describe yoga as aerobic exercise. 3. 0:27:55 :Interactive Seminar on role of science and Spirituality in this universe and which one is more useful and proofed. 4. 0:38:16 : Concluding Session by Resp. Dr. Pranav Pandya ji and he also give answers to the different questions of participant related to yoga , Spirituality and science. 5. 0:45:56 : Interactive seminar on importance of money and time in life.Many of participant put their views in favor of importance of time and some of them gave importance to time. 6. 0:55:57 : Deep Yagya and Garba Dance

Release date : 30-11--0001

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