Pragya Geet-Humein Bhakti Do Maa ; Gayatri Sandhya (Part 1) in Mumbai, 23rd April 2011


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Gayatri Sandhya (Part 1) in Mumbai, 23rd April 2011 -Conducted by revered Dr.Pranav Pandya -> -This evening is very special as this Time we are passing through great moments of change -Gayatri dissolves our doubts and promotes positivism ->15:06- Documentary Film named Pragya Purusha ->28:17-Yoga Demonstration by Students of D.S.V.V. ->41:15-Discourse-Justice Mrs Shava Prakash Mishra ->1:6:47-Discourse-Dr. Bannerge,member Atomic Power Plant ->1:19:56-Discourse- revered Dr. Pranav Pandya -Science and spirituality are the two phases of the single coin ->1:23:30-Pragya Geet- Guru Bin Gyan Nahi re ->1:30:48--Message- revered Dr. Pranav Pandya - Guruji said once -inside Me is the Heart of Mother. -With personal experience I can say that Guru and Gayatri are same ->1:35:38-Pragya Geet-Maa Tere Charno Mein ->1:40:10-Message- revered Dr. Pranav Pandya on Bhakti -When Guru comes in one Life He dissolves Ego and Biases -Bhakti means Surrender yourself selflessly that is with Nishkam Bhav ->1:43:10-Pragya Geet-Humein Bhakti Do Maa ->1:50:33-Pragya Geet-Kaun Kaun Guna Gayun Guru Tere ->1:56:17--Message- revered Dr. Pranav Pandya- -Tapa(austerity) and Gyan(knowledge)- are the Power of Brahman ->1:58:18-Pragya Geet-Gayatri Ke Mahamantra se Jivan Ke ->2:7:6-Pragya Geet-Vedmata Devmata Vishwamata ko 2:14:39- Maa tere charno mein

Release date : 30-11--0001

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