Spiritual Discourse Resp. Pilot Baba ji


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spiritual discourses  

1.0:01:13 : Spiritual Discourse of Resp. Swami Chidanand ji Maharaj about Spirituality and its effect in elevating over all personality. 2. 0:08:32 :Spiritual Discourse of Resp. Sadhavi Bhagvati Devi ji about Indian culture and its importance. 3. 0:24:53 : Spiritual Discourse Resp. Pilot Baba ji about relation of Yoga and Spirituality.And importance of Yoga in every living being. 4. 0:40:54 : Spiritual Discourse of Resp.Vishnu devanand ji about All World Gayatri Parivar and its Activity and also talks about spirituality and its relation with human soul.

Release date : 12-06-2005

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